"BE SOHO" is a cost effective cloud backup solution geared for small offices and home users.

The solution can backup file data securely from Windows Servers, Computers, Laptops, Mobiles and Mac machines. It has a huge array of extra features including local copy, client locater, bandwidth usage, notifications , admin delegation, set policies, data pool sharing, flexible retention and scheduling. Costs are only on data with customizable price plans available on monthly and yearly plans. Data stored in EU.

Why Choose our "BE SOHO" Solution?

Cloud and Local Copy

Backup your data to our secure Data Centre, fully encrypted using 256 AES Encrption whilst also keeping a local copy onsite for faster recovery.

Client Locator

Check the location of your machines using the global mapping facility. Great for enhanced security and provides the ability to retrieve lost devices.

Simple Interface

Easy to self-install on a Windows Server or Computer, support for Mac and Mobile phones also available. Check % split and size of data instantly per user.

Set your Retention, Versions and Scheduling

Fully flexible for when the backups take place, how long the data is stored for and how many versions of changed files are kept giving you full control.

BE SOHO supports the following environments:


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