"BE SMB" is an automated, smart, secure, affordable, and simple end-to-end online-based cloud backup and data protection solution designed for small businesses.

Backup Everything backs up all your data automatically to a remote location using the Internet. You can choose what data and which device to be backed up -- whether files data from PCs, Macs, Physical or Virtual Servers plus Databases and Exchange -- all for an affordable price.


Start Up Plan
100 GB

$15/ monthly

  • Unlimited Licences
  • Free Support
  • Hybrid Backup
  • Monthly Contract

Medium Plan
500 GB

$75/ monthly

  • Unlimited Licences
  • Free Support
  • Hybrid Backup
  • Monthly Contract

Large Plan
1 TB

$150/ monthly

  • Unlimited Licences
  • Free Support
  • Hybrid Backup
  • Monthly Contract

Why Choose our "BE SMB" Solution?

Powerful Ransomware Recovery

Ransomware attacks -- computer malware that installs on a victim’s computer and demands a ransom payment to restore the data -- are happening daily by targeting small businesses, and individuals, and as a result, data recovery activities have gone up in our servers. BE strongly advises businesses to backup their data in the cloud. Businesses must always be ready for data recovery just in case of natural disaster, human error or malicious attacks.

Secure, Safe and 24/7 Accessible

BE's cloud backup and recovery solution provides instantaneous, end-to-end data protection solution, protecting critical business data securely and safely while making sure that authorised users get 24/7 access from any web browser using the integrated online web portal.

Intuitive, Easy to Use and Easy to Manage

BE's software is easy to install, and backs up in real time, continuously. It is intuitive and easy-to-use solution.

Built for the SMB Market

BE SMB is a leading data protection solution built specifically for the SMB. Choose What You Backup - Decide what folders, external drives you want to backup and choose file extensions you want to exclude.

Blowfish Encrypted

Unlike other solutions, all data is encrypted with 448 bit Blowfish Military Grade Encryption system, during data transmission (in flight) and when it is stored (at rest).

Simple, Complete and Cost-Effective,

BE SMB is cost-effective, simple to use, and comes with complete and powerful features.

Comprehensive Support

BE SMB covers your back. It frees up your resources from day to day management of backups, recovery and lost data, and allows you to focus on your business.


BE SMB allows you to backup your Exchange program.

PC and Laptop Backups

BE SMB backs up your selected data as you work, so latest versions of the files are available for recovery.

Server Backups

For Servers we can backup your files on the network, virtual machines and SQL databases on a schedule you set yourself.

Automatic Email Alerts

Get notified about the status of your backup so you don’t have to keep track yourself

Download or Share

BE for SMB allows you to download and / or share backed up files easily.

Fast Recovery

BE for SMB is fast and allows you to recover files from other devices.

Agentless Solution

No need to install program on all machines. Only one install for the entire network.


BE’s data and recovery solution keeps versions of all your important files and folders in the cloud. In case of accidental deletion or malware, you can recover the last unaffected version and carry on as if nothing has happened.

Additional BE for SMB Features

  • Open File Backup - Backup files while they are open
  • Virtual Machine Backup - Backup your VMware machines
  • Continuous Data Protection - Seamlessly pauses and resumes backups while you work or travel
  • Hybrid Backup - Backup only what’s important to the cloud, the rest can be backed up locally for free
  • Advanced Scheduled Backup - Set up a schedule that will backup incrementally forever based on generations
  • Quickbooks and More - Backup software programs such as QuickBooks, Great Plains, MS Access, and more
  • MSSQL - Fully integrated MSSQL 2005, 2008, 2012 & 2014 backup makes protecting your live databases as easy as 1,2,3
  • MS Exchange - Natively backup MS Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 & 2013 databases while running (hot), avoiding downtime
  • Incremental Forever - After the initial backup, only changes are being backed up to the cloud, which saves you time and bandwidth

BE SMB supports the following platforms and applications:

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